hello monday


*spent some time painting up a new logo for the new blog/shop design. 

*sent in my first order for print proofs!! I am a nervous wreck hoping they turn out awesome. 

*had friends over to swim in the kiddie pool and chalk it-up on the patio. It's getting too hot here to be outside...bleh.

*Nora drew a picture and asked me to write on it. Her request was "leave you alone"...then she told me the picture is of her brother, Byron. Nice.

*Tyler likes to sit in kid chairs while he gets his tech-side on.

*Byron set-up camp in my office and was too darling not to photograph.

* We are still being attacked my mini princess and cars stickers. It has become the joke of the year. Places we have found stickers thus far: shoes, toes, feet, laundry, stuck to my tile floor and carpet, on my day planner, Byron's booty, and my cleavage. 


*celebrating at baby Colt's First Birthday party tonight! I guess we have to call him "toddler" Colt instead of baby.

*Tyler is taking off to Pennsylvania to take a giant test. We are stress-balls over here.

*hoping to go to the nursery and get my window sill herb garden under way!

*going to visit my friend and her new little baby boy!

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  1. YOu are amazing!! You make even Mondays bearable!