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recipe & photo via Alexandra's Kitchen

I have a lot of pins on Pinterest.

And I rarely ever reference them. And I hate that.

So here is my conclusion: I will make at least one Pinterest recipe/craft a week and report the keepers on the blog so you don't have to waste your time slaving away on something that is going to turn out bleh (we've all been there).

So here is my first Pinner Winner! 


We are blueberry muffin fans around here. And I am a sucker for breakfast breads. What intrigued me about this recipe was A. buttermilk  and  B. she said it isn't too sweet. When I eat super sweet breakfasts I pay for it later in the form of feeling icky (still worth that donut though).

I made this and it was a hit. I actually cooked mine up in a bread loaf pan (she recommends a 9 inch square baking dish) and it looks gorgeous! I think it could make an incredible homemade gift in loaf-pan form--my only concern would be slicing it. It's more crumbly than typical bread. Or maybe it came out that way because we couldn't let it cool off before eating it all...

We loved it. Just sweet enough but not too sugary. No stomach aches here!

Make it. Visit this link >> Alexandra's Kitchen >> for her recipe.
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  1. Yay! I'm excited to see your other Pinterest winners, what a good idea! I might just have to take that challenge too!! This looks like a keeper for sure!