eat up >> grandma's caramel apple salad

I can barely call this dish a "fruit" salad. Although it does contain fruit and some other typical fruit salad standard ingredients, it also contains a lot of Snickers candy bars--which makes this salad literally taste like you took a bite out of a caramel and chocolate covered apple. The perfect way to sneak dessert on to your plate without feeling like you broke a rule.

I definitely recommend putting some crushed snickers on top as a garnish and maybe even some caramel sauce. Otherwise people will pass up the "fruit salad" because it will look questionable (their are some mystery fruit salads out their...). And then they will regret it once one person tastes it. Adding a garnish tells people what's hiding inside--and then they will make sure and grab some.

If you want people to love you, bring this "fruit salad".

It's a party in your mouth. 

So go ahead and whip this up and party on. 

You're welcome.


Caramel Apple Salad

Serves 4-6

4 Snickers candy bars, frozen
4 Granny Smith apples, chopped
1  8 oz tub of Kool Whip
1  3.4 oz pkg Instant Vanilla Pudding, dry
Caramel Sauce (optional for garnish)

1 >> Add apples, Kool Whip, and dry pkg of pudding into a medium bowl.
2 >> Put your frozen candy bars in a large ziplock and go to town on them 
with a meat mallet (or anything that will smash them into little pieces).
Add broken Snickers to the bowl.
3 >> Mix all ingredients. Garnish with broken Snickers bars and caramel 
sauce (optional).

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  1. Gotta try it, for sure!! I love that you're getting your Grandma's recipes....and sharing some of them with us!!

  2. PS...I love that we can print it too!!