wishing you a glamorous mother's day

I was probably 9 years old. Mom was keen on making sure her only daughter was girly. And I was okay with that (except when I was 11 and she still wanted to dress me in head-to-toe ruffles for church).

We did a Glam Shoot. We were soooo with it. I remember being so excited about dressing up fancy and looking all grown up.

I also remember thinking how dumb it was that all they did was tie a purple sash around my shoulders and stuffed a scarf strategically around my mom's bra straps.

That's when I learned that glamour is fake.

I like my mom. I obviously love her, but I like her too.

She has taught me independence. I remember her telling me to always stand up for myself and what I believe in, even if I am outnumbered. I listened.

She has taught me commitment. "You can't pick and choose commandments!", she would always remind me. And she's right. It doesn't mean much unless you put your heart into your religious commitments--which means abiding by it all.

She taught me to never neglect myself. Growing up I watched my mom be a Real Estate Agent, a Broker of a Property Management company, a hair dresser, a nail tech, an antique dealer, and my personal favorite--a professional clown. Winky was her name, and she was the best clown I have ever seen to date. I am a clown snob. Although mothering was her priority, she didn't put her dreams and ambitions on hold. She didn't lose herself.

She taught me to present myself appropriately. My mom showers everyday and always does her hair and make-up--no matter what. She also never lets her house get out of control. She's one classy lady.

She taught me to be brave and serve others. I remember an elderly couple trying to get into a car. The man was wheelchair bound and his sweet wife was struggling trying to get him into the front seat. She saw, pulled her car over, jumped out and without thinking twice lifted that man into his chair. I remember thinking about how brave she was. Never second guess an instinct to help others.

She taught me to laugh. This is my favorite past time with her. She laughs at everything I say. And she's pretty funny herself. We make a good pair. My favorite thing to do is take pictures with my phone of funny things I see and ask her for a caption. She's great at it.

She taught me to teach. I wish everyone could hear my mom teach. The ability to touch other's lives through her words is a gift that not many people have.

She taught me to give. If my mom were rich, she wouldn't be rich--because she would have used all her money to fix every homeless person's teeth in the city. She has a very generous heart.

She taught me a lot. I am who I am because of her teachings.

I hope you all have a "glamorous" Mother's Day. We all deserve some extra love!

Now, tell me. What has your mother taught you? I would love, love, love to hear! Please share!


  1. Your Mom has taught me a lot too!! Especially to laugh!! I have never, ever had as much fun or laughed as much as when I'm with your Momma! I love her and love having her for my BFF!!! You are lucky to be her "chosen daughter"!

  2. ha I love this!! I want to do this with my girls!

  3. Oh my heck! Best picture ever, you foxy ladies!
    My mom taught me how to work hard and she was a fabulous example of sacrifice. As she was single my entire childhood.