hello monday


* I won $100 playing Albertson's Monopoly game. First time I have EVER won anything!

* Said goodbye at a wonderful lunch playdate to our friends, the Tidwells. They are off to Utah. Just the first of many goodbyes we will be having this upcoming year. Whaaaa.

* Nora unwound three rolls of toilet paper across my whole house. She was naked while she did it too. I had no idea until my husband walked through the front door. Super awesome reflection on my mothering skills!

* Last day of swim lessons followed by a couple hours of swimming at my Aunt's pool.
Water + pregnancy = the closest to bliss a pregnant woman can get.

* A very successful painting day! Can't wait to share what I've got cookin' over here. Patience!


* Same ol', same ol'--which I am looking forward to actually. Sometimes I like consistancy.


Any exciting plans for Memorial Day? 

We are just hanging out at home, cleaning bathrooms, dishes, laundry, and keeping it quiet. Boring. 

I really wanted to head out to the National Memorial Cemetary where my Papa Sug was burried and watch the service at 8:00am...but alas, I have three year olds who run across all the graves and build things out of the gravel they are all burried under. Slightly inappropriate. So we stayed home instead. Maybe next year! Because then I will have two four-year-olds and a 9 month old. Way easier (Ha! I am doomed).

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