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Ever since I found out that we will be welcoming another little girl into our family I tend to stare at Nora with wonderment picturing what this new little girl will be like. I have drawn closer to Nora even.

After month's of struggle, I think we have FINALLY settled on a name. In case you haven't noticed, I am not the type to wait til the bitter end to conclude my name search.

As open as I am, I do feel a desire to keep this little name closer to my heart until she gets here. Family and a few close friends know of the name--but that's all. And I am surprisingly okay with that.

It's a name that neither Tyler or I expected to love like we do. You don't hear it much--if at all. I don't know anyone personally with the name. But google searches have taught me that they are out there! And my favorite part is that although Tyler and I were neck and neck in agreement, I do believe he came up with it. And that means a lot to me since his presence will be unfortunately sparse for her first few months of life.

I think I knew all along that she needed a pretty name with some uniqueness to it. We thought of a few pretty names that are semi-common or well heard of but none of them felt right. None felt like "her".

Originally, I desperately wanted to name her Sabra Jane after my Great Great Great Grandmother. She was an amazing lady of strength and faith who devoted her life to hard work and service. I learned quickly that you either love the name Sabra or hate it. I loved. He hated.

I am stunned that I am okay with letting that name go. It meant a lot to me--a lot. Apparently Tyler's approval means much more!

But I think we will be using a piece of her name: Jane. And that makes me feel happy and content.

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