mother's day wish list

Mother's Day will be here before we know it! I always seem to find the perfect something for Mom online a few days before Mother's Day, which means unless I want to pay an arm and a leg for shipping then it's a no-go. I started scouting the internet early this year (pat myself on the back)! But instead of finding the perfect thing for Mom...I keep finding the perfect things for me. Whoops. I shall share:

1 >> Gold Flatware from West Elm | $29.99 per place setting
2 >> Berries Jubilee Towels from House 8810 | $23 per set of 4
3 >> Q&A A Day book from Amazon | $15
4 >> Recipe Box from Rifle Paper Co. | $34
5 >> iphone case from Rifle Paper Co. | $36

I might have ordered that recipe box for myself for Mother's Day and told my husband he and the kids are off the hook. I can honestly say I have never done that before (I am way too sentimental when it comes to gifts). But I have been looking for the perfect recipe box for over a year!!

So, do you prefer your husband to fly solo when it comes to giving you gifts? Or do you tell him what to get you?

Just wondering.
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  1. I usually tell him or just buy it myself although I secretly hope he'll read my mind. Never happens, though. Guess it's good sometimes (not reading my mind, I mean!) ;) ~Nori

  2. Oh no......never let him buy me anything but flowers.....I always get (and want) CASH.....yeah, baby!!

  3. can i buy it all even if i'm only a puppy mommy?

    1. Puppies are a lot like babies!! So yes, you definitely deserve a reward for mothering a puppy. That's work. Buy it all! ;)