never can say goodbye

We need to talk.

If you follow this blog then you know the following things:

>> I am seven months pregnant.
>> My husband is leaving town in a few weeks and will be gone until this baby gets here.
>> I am starting up an online business to sell my art prints soon.

What I have failed to mention on the blog is this:

>> I have enormous projects for my bookkeeping business that I have to get squared away before the baby.
>> It's getting harder to clean my house and stay on top of things.
>> I want to value our family dynamic before we add another little one.

A few weeks ago I could for see myself crashing hard. My plate is too full at the moment and something has got to give.

So, blog, it has to be you. Just temporarily though!

And it's not you, it's me. Really.

I still have a bunch of fantastic posts planned and will postpone them until my baby is here and I am feeling up to it.

I guess you could call this a maternity leave.

I do have some fun new plans for the blog as well as my shop and am hoping to have everything up and running for good come October!

So, I may pop in and say hello on occasion. I may not.

Just know that I am thinking of you ;)

Adios until baby (most likely).

**I will be posting on Instagram and Pinterest >> Links on sidebar.

**And when I am back in full swing I will catch you up on what happened while I was on leave. You won't miss a beat.

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