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I am so excited about this little series I am doing!

Did you know that every month is represented by a flower? Neither did I. 

In case you haven't caught on, I kind of love flowers...a lot. I also love to paint flowers...a lot

So, on the first of every month I will be offering a free download of some wallpaper for your iphone painted by yours truly! Whatever blossom represents that month will be the theme of the painting. (And yes, I do realize I am behind on June...the idea came to me after the first.)

June's flower is the rose. The rose stands for love, gratitude and appreciation. 

I love you. I am grateful for you. And I appreciate here are some digital roses to make your phone extra happy this month.

Download wallpaper for iphone 5 here!
Download wallpaper for iphone 4 here!

If you are viewing this from your iphone:
1 >> Download the wallpaper using the links above
2 >> Take a picture of the screen with your iphone (press top button and home button together)--make sure the full image is in view.
3 >> Go to your photos and crop the wallpaper to the edges. Save.
4 >> Save as wallpaper.

If you are viewing this post from your desktop:
1>> Download the wallpaper using the links above
2 >> Email the image file to yourself
3 >> Open the email on your phone
4 >> Save the image to your phone
5 >> Find the image in your photos and select to save as wallpaper


I will be adding a link to my sidebar where all of the monthly iphone wallpapers will be hosted starting in July--so keep your eyes out for that!
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  1. Wish I had an IPhone! You should do some for Androids!

  2. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us untalented folks!! Great idea!!

  3. Lovely wallpaper ever. I love this. Thanks for sharing. en ucuz iphone