new shop coming soon

Things are brewing over here in the art department. I am opening up shop online in a few weeks and am working hard to get things ready.

I have tried my hand at many small (and I mean small) businesses in the past. They have all been fun and ran their course but it's exhausting being a mother with a handful of little businesses here and there. I am ready for commitment. Something bigger. Something I can pour my heart into.

When the idea struck me to put my art skills to good use and sell prints online it felt amazing. Unfortunately I realized this was a solution to a lot of problems during the first trimester of my current pregnancy. So I spent a lot of time on the couch feeling on the verge of barf-town distracting myself with my dreams of GladHeart Art and GladHeart the blog. I have so many notes and doodles since I really could do nothing else.

My absolute favorite part of this new adventure is that my kids get to take it with me. Front and center. They paint with me and it's has made our home so happy. We open the windows, pull out the paint and let it fly. I love that I am teaching my kids to be artistic and they are eating it up! Some serious bonding moments. 

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  1. I love your blog! Your so cute I love your idea to paint with your kids!